Hotel swimming pool

A hotel pool is the perfect place to start the day energetically or to relax in the evening.

For some people, the pool is so important that they choose their hotel with it in mind, while for others, it’s just a nice addition that they might take advantage of if there’s enough time. While not everyone loves to swim, for many a visit to the pool is a great way to relax or spend time in good company.

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Hotel towels

Towel is one of the most basic elements of equipment in the bathroom of every hotel room. The more white, fluffy and fragrant, the better.

The number of available towel sets depends on the number of guests in the room. Towels should lie or hang folded in the bathroom on a suitable shelf or hanger.

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Superior room

Superior room – a category of a hotel room with a higher standard than a standard room and lower than a deluxe room.

When choosing a superior room, guests can expect better equipment, larger space, a wider range of services included in the room price, or better room location and view.

Hoteliers often use the term superior in relation to renovated rooms. In such rooms, usually all equipment is replaced with new ones, and the rooms have been renovated.

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Check-in by definition is a process of registering the guest arrival at a hotel.

The guest may be asked to present a hotel voucher or booking confirmation and a piece of identification such as a national id, a passport or a driving license in the US. Sometimes a deposit needs to be authorized on a credit card or paid in cash.

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An all-inclusive (AI) plan is an option offered by some hotels and resorts where as a minimum, lodging and meals are included in the room rate. Some hotels and resorts also include soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, gratuities and other activities or excursion as part of their all-inclusive package. The exact inclusions will vary from resort to resort.

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Hotel Minibar

A hotel minibar is a small private snack and beverage fridge, found mostly in high-end hotel rooms.

What’s in a hotel minibar?

Hotel minibars are commonly stocked with small bottles of spirits, cans of beer, juices, water and soft drinks. Cookies, candy, chips and crackers are also often provided as part of the minibar service. Sometimes non-food items are also offered, such as socks and toiletries.

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