Hotel Room types

The selection of hotel rooms includes standard, superior and deluxe rooms, as well as larger apartments, suites, and studios.

Types of rooms depending on:

Number of guests and beds

Single room (SGL) – for one guest – with one single bed
Double room (DBL) – for two guests – with one large bed

A double room in Baobab Beach Resort 4* (Diani, Kenya)

Twin room (TWN) – for two guests – with two separate beds

A twin room

Hollywood twin room – for two guests – with two adjoining single beds connected by a joint headboard

A Hollywood twin room

Double-double / twin double room with 2 double beds
Triple room (TRP) – for three guests – with three separate beds
Quadruple room (rare abbr: QPL / QDPL) – for four guests – with one double bed and two single beds or four separate beds

All of the room types above may feature an extra bed or beds so it sleeps more persons in the same area.

Family room (FAM) – for at least 2 adults and 1 child – with enough beds and convenient space for everyone.

Dimension and number of rooms

Hoteliers use the following terms at their own discretion, so it is always best practice to check the exact description of a room in athe specific hotel.

studio – room with a sleeping area that may have a living area and a kitchenette
junior suite – enlarged room with sleeping and living area
suite – separate bedroom and living room
apartment – separate bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen
maisonette / duplex – two-level room


anex – outside the main part of the hotel, further from the infrastructure – swimming pool or restaurant and beach
bungalow – in a separate building that may house one or more residential units, eg a room or an apartment
cottage – in a private cottage stylistically referring to local architectural traditions

Cottages at The Sands at Nomad Hotel 5* (Diani Beach, Kenya)

villa – a private building with one or more bedrooms, a living room, a terrace
penthouse – suites on the top floors – usually with a terrace
cabana – right on the beach, by the water, by the pool
lanai – with a beautiful view from the balcony or from the terrace
swim-up room – located directly by the hotel pool. This solution combines the comfort of a private pool, which can be jumped straight from the terrace, with the size of a public swimming pool


standard room
economy room – a reduced standard
superior room – of a higher standard
deluxe room – of a higher standard, usually offering more comfort than a superior room
premier room – of a higher standard, usually offering more comfort than a deluxe room
executive room – for business travelers with a separate comfortable work space
Superior / deluxe / premier rooms may vary in size, equipment, location, view

Run of the House Room (ROH) – a type of reservation that does not guarantee a specific type of room.