Hotel swimming pool

A hotel pool is the perfect place to start the day energetically or to relax in the evening.

For some people, the pool is so important that they choose their hotel with it in mind, while for others, it’s just a nice addition that they might take advantage of if there’s enough time. While not everyone loves to swim, for many a visit to the pool is a great way to relax or spend time in good company.

Hotel pools can be small or large, sports or leisure. After a long day, those with intimate lighting and water and air massage areas are best. In resorts, cascading pools set in greenery with beautiful views are best – ideally there should be a swim-up bar where you can swim up to enjoy a drink without leaving the water.

Table of Contents

  • Cool, unusual and unique hotel pools
  • Types of hotel pools
  • Frequently asked questions about hotel pools
  • Is a hotel required to have a swimming pool? Regulations in the hotel industry

Cool, unusual and unique hotel pools

Hotel Avra Imperial na Krecie (Grecja)
Avra Imperial Hotel in Crete (Greece)
Hotel Pałac Staniszów obok Jeleniej Góry
The Staniszów Palace Hotel near Jelenia Góra (Poland)

Types of hotel pools

Several types of pools can be found in hotels, including:

  • Outdoor pools – typically located in the backyard or courtyard of the hotel. They may be open seasonally.
  • Indoor pools – typically located inside the hotel and usually open year-round.
  • Infinity pools – designed to create the illusion that the pool stretches to the horizon.
  • Lap pools – typically long and narrow and used for swimming laps or exercise.
  • Jacuzzi / hot tubs – pools filled with hot water and bubbles for relaxation.
  • Saltwater pools – with salt water.
  • Thermal pools – with naturally hot water, often found in spa resorts.
Hotel Heron nad Jeziorem Rożnowskim koło Nowego Sącza
Heron Hotel on Lake Rożnowskie near Nowy Sącz (Poland)

Questions and answers

What times is the hotel pool open?
The outdoor pools at the hotels can be used throughout the day, and the exact hours are given in the information booklet that you will find in each room. Usually the outdoor pool is open from 8 or 10 a.m. to 6 or 8 p.m. Some hotels also allow you to swim in the evening. Indoor pools are generally open longer, allowing you to swim in the evening as well.

How do you dress to go from your room to the pool?
Whether you are staying at a resort hotel in a hot tourist destination or a business hotel in a city, you will need to adapt your dress code to the situation.

Swimwear is not appropriate clothing outside of the beach and pool. Therefore, you should leave your room dressed and only change in the locker room by the pool. In spa hotels, it might be customary to walk the hallways in a dressing gown.

Is a hotel required to have a swimming pool?

Hotels are not required by law to have swimming pools, but many choose to include them as a way to attract guests and provide additional amenities. The decision to include a swimming pool at a hotel depends on various factors such as location, climate, target market, and budget. Some hotels located in tropical or warm climate may have outdoor pools, while hotels in colder climates may have indoor pools. Some hotels may have swimming pools as part of their wellness or spa services.
It is also worth noting that if a hotel does have a swimming pool, it is subject to safety regulations and must meet standards for maintenance, cleaning and operation to ensure the safety of the guests.

European Union regulations

The Hotelstars Union regulations, to which 17 European countries belong, do not require a hotel to have a swimming pool, but for its existence they do award points, which are required in order to receive hotel stars.

A heated outdoor pool of at least 60 m² (646 sq. ft) is awarded 10 points, while a hotel receives 15 points for a heated indoor pool of at least 40 m² (431 sq. ft).