hotel towels

Hotel towels

Towel is one of the most basic elements of equipment in the bathroom of every hotel room. The more white, fluffy and fragrant, the better.

The number of available towel sets depends on the number of guests in the room. Towels should lie or hang folded in the bathroom on a suitable shelf or hanger.

Fancy towels laid out on the bed. In this case, colorful towels match the interior design.

Towels for hotels must be characterized by greater strength, softness and resistance to intensive washing. That is why they are made of a material with a special weave and a higher weight.

Bath towel

This is a large towel measuring 27″ x 55″ / 70 x 140 cm

Hand towel

A smaller towel measuring approx. 20″ x 27″ / 50 x 70 cm

Extra towels in the bathroom

Hotels of a higher standard leave an additional face towel at the guests’ disposal – approx. 30 x 30 cm (for each guest), as well as a floor towel – approx. 50 x 80 cm (one per room).

Beach / pool towel

Good hotels that have a pool or are located on a beach provide their guests with beach towels. Beach towels are usually a different color than white and are longer than bath towels. Beach towels may be in the room or they might be picked up at the reception or at a separate poolside point. Beach towels sometimes are issued using a separate card – each hotel guest has his own towel card, which he exchanges for a towel, and upon return he receives the card back; at check-out the guest is asked for his towel cards – thanks to that the towels are not lost and are handed over daily at the dedicated point.

Gym towel

Hotels equipped with a gym or fittness room provide their guests with extra towels at the gym reception.

Towels place on a hotel bed
Towels in hotels are usually placed on the bed if the bathroom does not have a suitable shelf for towels.

Changing towel

By default, all towels in the bathroom are changed everyday or every three days

For reasons of economy and pro-ecological attitude, hoteliers suggest their guests a less frequent exchange – at the guest’s request. Instructions on how to have the towel changed are located in the bathroom or in the guidebook – you should usually leave the used towel on the edge of the sink, bathtub or floor.

Decorative arrangement of towels

Are there towels in the hotel?

Yes, you can safely assume that towels are provided in every hotel. Whether a hotel is required to equip a room with a towel, the number and type of towels results from the categorization regulations in force in the country.

European regulations

Pursuant to the Hotelstars Union rules, a bath towel for each guest in the room must have hotels of all categories.

In addition, a separate hand towel for each guest must have hotels:

two star
three star
Four star
Five star

Questions and Answers

Should I bring my own towel to the hotel?

Usually there is no such need because all hotels in the Union Hotelstars are required to equip the room with a towel. In the case of a towel for the pool or beach, check the hotel description to see if it provides such towels to your guests. White bathroom towels cannot be taken to the beach.

What to do with a dirty towel in a hotel?

Leave a dirty towel on the edge of a washbasin, bathtub or on the floor – staff will replace it with a clean one. Instructions for a given hotel can be found in the bathroom or in the guide.

What to do with a clean towel?

If you do not want the towel to be replaced, you need to hang the towel on a hanger, rod or hook in the bathroom.

Can I take a hotel towel home?

No. Towels are reusable and taking them from the hotel is theft. Some hotels allow you to purchase elements of its equipment.