Studio room

Studio room – a multi functional room with a sleeping area, may also have a living area and a kitchenette.

In general, a studio in hotels is:

  • a room with a kitchenette
  • a two-bedroom apartment unit

Due to differences in the use of this term, please check the exact description of the room in the selected hotel.

A studio apartment in English refers to the type of apartment where the living and sleeping area and the kitchenette are located in one room and only the bathroom is separated.

In the hotel industry, the use of room names is not regulated. Although hoteliers define the types of rooms in their hotels on their own, a certain tradition has been adopted in this respect, which is followed especially by chain hotels.

In the case of a studio room, interpretation is very wide especially in non-English speaking countries, which is why in some hotels studios are a higher category of accommodation, while in others – on the contrary – they can be even smaller than standard rooms.

In some hotels, studios are residential units consisting of two bedrooms – ideal for families.

The situation is different in other hotel facilities – holiday centers, sanatoriums or private accommodation, where studio rooms are called two rooms connected by a common entrance and a shared bathroom. Each of these rooms can be booked separately, which means that strangers can share the entrance and bathroom in this case.

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