Soft drinks

Soft all inclusive

Soft all-inclusive is a kind of “all-inclusive” system in the hotel industry. Compared to the regular version, it is usually poorer with alcoholic beverages.

However, the exact scope of the formula depends on the specific hotel. Please read the detailed description of what the chosen all-inclusive program includes.

Some hotels use the terms soft / snack / light interchangeably.


As a standard, the price of the stay will include three meals a day:

  • breakfast
  • lunch – it may be in a limited form, e.g. cold snacks only
  • dinner


In general, non-alcoholic drinks should be available in this formula, but the practice in different hotels varies. The choice of beverages may be limited to water during meals only. However, this is an isolated example as the choice of drinks is usually larger, and they are served outside of mealtimes too. Here are some examples – they can be combined and modified.

  • water with meals
  • drinks from the dispensers are available from 10 am to 8 pm
  • coffee and tea at scheduled times
  • draft beer and house wine with dinner
  • a package of 4 beverages during the day – includes strong alcohols, does not include mixed cocktails


This is just an example comparison – it really depends on the specific hotel.

soft all inclusiveall inclusive
meals during the day33 + snacks
soft drinksyesyes
hot drinkstakyes
beer and winein some hotelsyes
ice creamsnoin some hotels
Wi-Fiusually not in some hotels
additional services nousually not
24/7nousually not